Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2006/12/10

Question How to I add or change a left or right side Menu ?

XWiki supports both a left side or a right side Menu. This FAQ entry explains how to use these menus.

The left menu is called "Menu", where as the right menu is called "Toolbar". Both menus are stored as Wiki pages.

First, XWiki will look for a page called "Menu" (respectively "Toolbar") in the current space.

If it cannot find this page, it will look for the same page in the space "XWiki", which allows to share a menu (or toolbar) on the whole wiki.

Finally, if XWiki still can't find a relevant page, it will use the Toolbar (while there is no menu).

So if you want your own menu or toolbar, the best is to create a "Menu" or "Toolbar" page in your wiki.

You can use the current Toolbar content as a basis for your work.


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