Question How to change the color of the top action bar?

To change the color of the top action bar you have two solutions:

  • Create a skin and control the CSS (See the Skins topic for learning how to create a skin). In the CSS you can copy the following CSS and change the colors (this example sets blue colors):
@import "xwiki.css";
@import "wiki.css";
@import "page.css";
@import "rss.css";

#xwikinav_footer, #xwikinav_header {
border-color: #5368A6;
background-color: #B6C5F2;

.xwikiactions a, #xwikiwebusermenu a, #xwikilanguagemenu a {
background-color: #5368A6;
color: white;
  • Use one of the 3 alternate stylesheets as the default stylesheet (blue) for you wiki. For this use "XWiki Preferences" in the right menu and modify the "Default Style" field with one of the following: style1.css (green), style2.css (bordeaux) or style3.css (desert)

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