Question How do you change the date formating from dd/MM/yyyy to MM/dd/yyyy?

The following work on XWiki 1.2 M2:

The easy part:

Open the class editor
Change class to XWiki.XWikiPreferences
Add new property Name: dateformat Type: String class
Select Object editor
Choose XWiki.XWikiPreferences[0]: XWiki.DefaultSkin
Scroll to the bottom and fill out the dateformat field with: MM/dd/yyyy

The hard part:

Since a lot of the date formating is hardcoded into the skins, you will have to go through all the .vm file in the skins folder.

Edit the $xwiki.formatDate(xxx, "dd/MM/yyyy") to $xwiki.formatDate(xxx)

After this is done, you can easily use Object editor to GLOBALLY change all the the date format.

Created by otuser1 on 2007/11/21

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