Question How doi install XWiki on my Own Webspace?? Got a hosted Webspace with a domain ftp php jsp mysql and i think its an apache running but i have no access to the server itself

It depends on the actual hosting offer. Normally, XWiki must be deployed as a Java EE webapp, which isn't that common on standard hosting offers. While PHP files work if they are simply moved onto the server, J2EE applications like XWiki are full *applications*, and must be installed in a J2EE container.

Normally, if the ISP has support for running J2EE applications, it should offer either:

  • a J2EE administration console which allows deploying applications through a browser
  • FTP or SFTP access to a folder where you can copy a .war archive

In both cases, you should re-package the .war distribution of XE so that it contains the database connector (copy this file in WEB-INF/lib), and the hibernate configuration is adapted for mysql (edit WEB-INF/hibernate.cfg.xml and comment out the default configuration and uncomment/edit the mysql configuration).


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