Question Is it possible to provide a demo package for implementing a web with own Class Template and Class Sheet (e.g your FAQ archive)?

There is now a better documentation in the Dev Guide.

This is a big question, so this document will need some heavy refactoring:

About the following questions:

  • How do I assign a document type (class) to a web so that every new document in this web represents an instance of this doctype?

This is currently not possible.. Structure document need to be created from a form field which makes the system use a template.. The feature you are asking for is definitively interesting and should be put on our feature list.. Don't hesitate to open a new request on

  • How do I 'tell the web' to show a structured document in viewing and editing mode?

Once a document exists and uses data from an object, then a Sheet can be used to display the document in viewing and edit mode.. A sheet in included in the document using #includeForm("XWiki.SheetName"). The sheet includes a script which will loop on the object's field to display them.

  • How do I realize an index-page as Demo.FilmClass with a dialog 'create a new ...' and with an index of all existing instances of this type?

The can be done using a script..

Actually what you are asking for is available on the XWiki.XWikiClasses page that should be in your default wiki.. 

If these pages are missing you can copy-paste them from

Also there is the document WhatIsAClass which gives some informations about this process.


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