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1 1 Release Notes for XWiki Workspaces 1.2 Milestone 1
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5 1.1 Changes from XWiki Workspaces 1.1 RC 2
7 1.1.1 New features implemented
9 * *Custom user groups*
11 Tired of adding each and every time the same users to your workspaces ? We've added in this release *Custom user groups*, that allows you to define custom groups of users (for example, by departments, by country, by interests , etc.), and to add those groups as members (admins, readers or writers) of your workspaces in one click, just like you would add a user. All members of the group you add to a workspace will then benefit from the access level corresponding to the role you added the group to (i.e. read/write/comment access on pages for the writer role). Group creation and management is accessible in the global administration, for all administrators. Administrators can create as many groups as they want, and easily add or remove members to those groups. Click and see the screenshots below to take sneak-peek at this new interfaces.
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32 * *Revamped Administration*
34 The global administration of XWiki Workspaces has been revamped. It is now featuring the drop-down mechanism used in XWiki Enterprise. Available administration categories now include :
35 * General : manage the basic settings of your XWiki Workspaces instance
36 * Workspaces : create, archive and delete existing workspaces
37 * Users : create new users and list existing users
38 * Groups : create and manager user groups
39 You can always list available administration menu items by clicking on "Show available categories" at the top right of the screen.
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48 * *Global Search*
50 You can now search accross all workspaces you have access to! It is accessible everywhere : just type your search text in the top right input box, click "Search", and you will see all content (Documents, Attachments, etc.) matching your query, that you can filter by date, Workspace, latest author, and order as you wish. The global search only lists pages that the current user has access to : he will not see pages from spaces that he does not belong to.
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59 1.1.1 Full release notes
61 You can read the [full release notes on JIRA>]
63 1.1 Known issues
65 [Issues we know about>]
67 1.1 Installation
69 Read the [Installation guide>workspaces:AdminGuide.WebHome] on
71 1.1 Upgrading from an older version
73 The process to upgrade an existing WAR installation of XWiki Workspaces is very similar as the one described [here>platform:AdminGuide.Installation#HUpgradingXWikiCore] for XWiki Enterprise. You will need to save your configuration files (xwiki.cfg and hibernate.cfg.xml) in order to keep the new war working with your environment.

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