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Vincent Massol 1.1 1 1 Release Notes for XWiki 1.0 beta 1
3 1.1 Changes from 0.9.x
5 * New Skin
6 * Lots of usability improvements
7 * Importer/Exporter to import and export sets of wiki pages
8 * XWiki can now work with an empty database
9 * Pages can be tagged (not documented yet) + basic UI for viewing the tag cloud
10 * New WYSIWYG editor (using Tiny MCE v2)
11 * New Rights editor
12 * New web site and updated documentation
13 * Improved programming APIs
14 * Notion of Panels (porlet-like areas which can be added in menus) + Drag and drop Panel Wizard to easily customize the displayed Panels (experimental, works only in Firefox)
15 * Standalone installer to get up to speed quickly (includes Jetty and HSQL already set up)
16 * Attachments versioning
17 * Section edits (ability to edit only sections of a page)
Thomas Mortagne 3.1 19 See the [full list of changes>https://jira.xwiki.org/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?version=10080&styleName=Html&projectId=10010&Create=Create].
Vincent Massol 1.1 20
21 1.1 Migration from earlier versions
23 Start by making a backup of your current database.
25 Then there are 2 possible use cases:
Vincent Massol 1.3 26 # __You want to keep your existing skin__. In that case, simply [install>platform:AdminGuide.Installation] the new version and point it to your existing database.
Vincent Massol 1.5 27 # __You want to use the new 1.0 skin with your current database__. In that case, [install>platform:AdminGuide.Installation] the new version and point it to your existing database. Then start XWiki and [import>platform:AdminGuide.ImportExport] the [Panels XAR>extensions:Extension.Panels Application] (this is required as the new skin makes use of them). Last, go to your wiki Administration page and in the skin section, enter "xwiki10b1".
Vincent Massol 1.1 28
Vincent Massol 1.3 29 Contact us on the [mailing list>dev:Community.MailingLists] if you're experiencing any problem. Just make sure you have your current database backed up before you do anything.
Vincent Massol 1.1 30

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