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51 51  * Complete refactoring of the [[Resource module>>extensions:Extension.Resource API]]. Note that the Action module has been removed and folded into the new Resource module.
52 52  * The ##getInstance## methods in the [[Component Script Service>>extensions:Extension.Component Module||anchor="HAccessfromScripts"]] are now public and return ##null## if the Component cannot be looked up. A ##getLastError()## method was also added to get the last exception.
53 53  * New converter for ##java.lang.refect.Type## which allows converting from String to Type and opposite in Velocity and wiki macros parameters for example.
54 +* The wiki manager API always return a descriptor for the main wiki, if there is no descriptor document it return a "virtual" one that can be saved. Basically it now mean that if a wiki exist there is always a corresponding descriptor, even the main wiki.
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55 55  = Translations =
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