Version 14.1 by Thomas Mortagne on 2009/04/12
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Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise 1.8.1

This is a bug fix and enhancement release mainly around new WYSIWYG and new Rendering architecture.

Invalid macro parameters used for the [toc] macro. Cause: [Failed to validate bean: [must be greater than or equal to 1]]. Click on this message for details.

Summary of changes since XWiki Enterprise 1.8

New WYSIWYG and Syntax bug fixes and improvements

  • XWIKI-2997 - Cannot un-bold a text with style Title 1
  • XWIKI-3045 - Error in parsing some confluence syntax
  • XWIKI-3111 - A link to an email address can be removed by removing the underline style
  • XWIKI-3194 - Cannot remove just one text style when using the style attribute instead of formatting tags
  • XWIKI-3262 - XHTML parser does not generate embedded documents when there are block elements inside table cells, table header items or list items
  • XWIKI-3273 - Macro content doesn't have a descriptor
  • XWIKI-3409 - Add get/setID to HeaderBlock and generate a default id in the constructor
  • XWIKI-3425 - Id macro does not support inline mode
  • XWIKI-3443 - XWikiDocument.getDisplayTitle() only works for xwiki 1.0 syntax
  • XWIKI-3447 - List detection is reversed
  • XWIKI-3459 - When document xdom for XWikiDocument.getXDOM() is modified all code based on it is modified even if the document content is not modified
  • XWIKI-3461 - A non-inline {{box}} after an inline one is rendered as inline
  • XWIKI-3462 - TOC not displaying properly
  • XWIKI-3463 - In html macro the default value of "wiki" parameter should be false
  • XWIKI-3474 - The html macro generate non inline content when inilne
  • XWIKI-3479 - Escaping doesn't work inside xwiki 2.0 links
[[starting label ~]~] ending label>>reference||param1=value1]]
  • XWIKI-3485 - Ordered lists inside unordered lists are not rendered correctly in XWiki 2.0 syntax
* XWIKI-3481 - The XE home page does not work when automatically converted
   * XWIKI-3485 - Ordered lists inside unordered lists are not rendered correctly in XWiki 2.0 syntax
   * XWIKI-3504 - html macro refuses double quotes inside javascript in an input field
   * XWIKI-3506 - Attributes are dropped when converting HTML formatting tags to XWiki syntax
   * XWIKI-3526 - Macro names with special chars don't work

{{link-creator foo="bar"}}foobar{{/link-creator}}

* XWIKI-3528 - In HTML cleaner, wrapping elements in paragraphs fails when there's a comment
    * XWIKI-3551 - Cannot insert standalone macros
    * XWIKI-3558 - New document created with templates should use the template syntax id as their syntax
    * XWIKI-3561 - When the default syntax is set to XWiki 2.0 some pages created by the core don't display fine since they contain XWiki 1.0 Syntax
    * XWIKI-3564 - Cannot change the text color after selecting text with different colors in IE
    * XWIKI-2903 - Prevent tab from moving focus in our editors (WYSIWYG,Wiki)
    * XWIKI-3376 - Remove useless "css" parameter in the RSS macro
    * XWIKI-3410 - Create a plain text renderer
    * XWIKI-3411 - Add a "output=true/false" parameter in velocity/script macro

Failed to execute the [velocity] macro. Cause: [The execution of the [velocity] script macro is not allowed in [xwiki:ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise181]. Check the rights of its last author or the parameters if it's rendered from another script.]. Click on this message for details.

Known issues

Common Migration notes

The database structure hasn't been changed since XWiki Enterprise 1.5 so you shouldn't have to touch your Database to upgrade. Thus you can simply install this version and configure it to point to your existing database. 

You may also want to import the default wiki XAR in order to benefit from improvements listed above.

HTML macro

Since 1.8.1 the html macro does not interpret wiki syntax anymore by default, you have to put the parameter wiki="true" (false by default). See HTMLMacro.


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